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We are currently promoting the following Green Technologies from our partners in Hungary – Europe

ProfiKomp® Technology

This technology has been used in the US, Canada and Europe for over 15 years to produce high quality compost. It’s applications include biogas production, composting, bio-drying and stabilisation of waste. It works by controlling oxygen and temperature in windrows through positive aeration. A special membrane called ‘Gore® cover’ creates ideal conditions for microorganisms to act on the waste to produce compost. It also prevents emission of dust and odour from the waste. Its performance is 400% more than conventional windrow composting. It requires little space, consumes less energy and has very affordable setup and operational costs. The technology consists of the following components: 1. Control System  2. Computer 3. Rim weight 4. Oxygen sensor 5. Temperature sensor 6. Cover handling device 7. Aeration Fan 8. Gore® cover laminate 9. Aeration and leachate system 10. Water trap 11. Leachate pipe

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Water Retainer®

Water Retainer is an organic soil conditioner that retains soil moisture by reducing evaporation of soil water, promoting capillarity of underground water and trapping humidity from air into the soil. A single application works for three months after which the product breaks down without any residues. Water retainer helps to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation by up to 50% and helps plants to survive longer periods of drought. It can be used in all kinds of vegetation.

Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC)

We have also partnered with the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center which promotes international trade and business development for different companies from Hungary. These companies deal with different innovative green technologies such as: Organic washing powder, Solar energy systems, Eco-luxury fashions and Climate control trees.